sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2009

Birds of Paradise

 Birds of Paradise
You reached out toward me
Made my person cross the sea
Showed me sweet liberty

Birds of Paradise
Thought me how to fly
In this mystical sky
Where love does not dry

Birds of Paradise
I can tell I won't stay long
Please don't get sad
This feeling will never be gone

Birds of Paradise
I'll come back very soon
It's not a moment for tears
Let me share your song

Birds of Paradise
Go and save other souls
I will tell everybody
You're the heart of this island

Birds of Paradise
You made me wiser
Never stopped looking over me
We'll meet again... Let me be

By Nathalie

1 comentário:

  1. Bem querida amiga, este poema até me comoveu... se ainda houvesse alguma dúvida de que és uma grande escritora, este poema revela todo o teu talento, que melhora de texto para texto.
    Simplesmente lindo, muitos parabéns!!

    The Birds of Paradise may get sad but they just want you to BE HAPPY... ;)