terça-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2009

This feeling of you

If I asked you...

Would you spread your wings and fly me above the blue velvet sky, where reality is made of our golden dreams?

Would you grab my hand and dive with me in the deepest ocean, to seek for millenarian treasures craving to be ours?

Would you lay by my side, in this secret garden of mine, and comtemplate the stars dancing and shining just for us?

Would you blow my mind away, bless angels every day and refrain love songs, if I let you inside my world?

Would you show me, all over again, something I once knew, even if in this life, your embrace I never felt?

Would you make me remember you by the taste of your touch, by the scent of your kiss or by the sound of your eyes?

Do not know where you are... I just can't help this feeling of you...

By Nathalie (Abril 2008)

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  1. Olá querida amiga!
    Tens cada tesourinho aqui neste blog em forma de texto que dá mesmo muito prazer de ler.
    Muito bonito e interessante, parabéns!